Room: Regency Ballroom AB

Poster Presenters noted with * are Student Fellows.

Presenting Tuesday through Thursday

Aalen University
1. Evaluating the Quality of Li-Ion Batteries with Microscopy Methods; Presented by Andreas K.*

AEM Components, Inc.

2. A Challenge of Reliable Circuit Protection in Automotive Applications; Presented by Liwu W.

Argonne National Laboratory

3. Overview of High-Energy Lithium-Ion Cathode Development at Argonne National Laboratory; Presented by Jason C.

C&D Technologies, Inc.

4. Lead Carbon Batteries in EV Applications; Presented by Jon A.

Chungbuk National University

5. Electrochemical Characteristics of Surface Modified Ni-Rich Cathode Materials; Presented by Geun Joong K.*

Chungbuk National University

6. Electrochemical Performance of Artificial Graphite Coating by Functionalized Spherical Silica with APTES; Presented by Su Hyeon L.*

ETH Zurich

7. Impact of Separator Microstructure on Lithium Ion Battery Performance; Presented by Marie Francine L.*

ETH Zurich

8. Windows of Opportunity for Latecomers in the Lithium-Ion Battery Industry - A Patent-Citation Network Analysis; Presented by Abhishek M.* & Martin B.*

Forschungszentrum Julich

9. Materials, Processing and Performance of an All-Phosphate Solid-State Lithium-Ion Battery; Presented by Hans K.

Haldor Topsøe A/S

10. Development of High Voltage Li[1.0]Ni[0.5]Mn[1.5]O[4]; Presented by Frederik F.

Kobelco Research Institute, Inc.

11. Capacity Fade Study of LiNi[0.5]Mn[1.5]O[4] Cathode Material for Li-Ion Batteries; Presented by Yoshiki H.

KOREA Workers' Compensation and Welfare Service

12. Reliability Testing for Lithium-Ion Batteries for Electric Wheelchairs; Presented by Sunwoo Y.

Laser-Mikrotechnologie Dr. Kieburg GmbH

13. Particle-Reduced Laser Cutting of Electrode Sheets; Presented by Heinz K.

LORD Asia International Ltd.

14. Reducing Thermal Impedance with LORD Gap Fillers; Presented by Raymond X.

National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)

15. Approach to Practical Application of All Solid-State Li-Ion Batteries at AIST; Presented by Hironori K.

National Tsing Hua University

16. Parameter Tuning of a Solar Cell- LiB Hybrid System Using an Improved Whale Optimization Algorithm; Presented by En-Jui L.*

National Tsing Hua University

17. First Principles Analysis of Lithium Ion Intercalation in the Li[x]V[2]O[5] Cathode Material for Li-Ion Batteries; Presented by Yi-Chih W.*

Nippon Chemi-Con Corporation

18. Novel Conductive Carbon as an Additive Material for Enhancing Performance of Lithium-Ion Batteries; Presented by Satoshi K.

Pukyong National University

19. Strategic Architectures of Silicon Nanolayer-Embedded Graphite Hybrid for High Energy Lithium-Ion Battery Anodes; Presented by Minseong K.

Pukyong National University

20. Secondary Doping Effect for Practical Capacity Jumping of Layered Co-Based Lithium Ion Batteries Cathodes; Presented by Pilgun O.

RWTH Aachen University

21. How the Synthetic Process Effects the Material Properties of NMC Cathode Material and Determines the Cell and Battery Level; Presented by Ansgar V.

SCHOTT Japan Corporation

22. Solid-State Battery Challenges for Industrial Solid Electrolytes; Presented by Yoshio O.

Tel-Aviv University

23. New Developments in Printable Three-Dimensional Batteries; Presented by Meital G.

Tokyo University of Science

24. Acrylic-Rubber-Based Latex Binder for High-Voltage Spinel Electrodes of Lithium Ion Batteries; Presented by Tatsuo H.

Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST)

25. A Mechanically Sturdy Pitch Coating Undesirable Volume Expansion for Stable Battery Anodes; Presented by Gyutae N.*

Université Paris-Sud

26. High Entropy Oxides as Promising Materials for Li-Ion Batteries; Presented by Sylvain F.

Université Paris-Sud

27. High Entropy Oxides: A New Class of Functional Materials with High Ionic Conductivity for Solid State Batteries; Presented by Arun M.*

University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

28. Nanosized Materials for High-Rate Lithium-Ion Batteries: Li(Ni[1/3]Mn[1/3]Co[1/3])O[2]; Presented by Hanna P.*


29. Understanding and Formulations of Material Selection for Battery Pack Designs; Presented by Terence K.

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