Cambridge EnerTech’s

xEV Battery Technology, Applications, and Market

June 10-11, 2020


The xEV market is driven by the expectations of demanding carmakers and consumers in relation to pricing, driving range, and fast charge capability, which all largely depend on the battery. We at AABC understand automotive battery requirements, including those for batteries with lower cost, higher energy density, wide operating temperature range, high power and fast-charge ability, and of course, safety and durability. The opportunity is huge but so are the challenges, which is why we have created a conference program that will help you follow the trends, the issues, and the directions adopted by key players.

Preliminary Agenda


Session Chairperson: Menahem Anderman, PhD, President, Total Battery Consulting, Inc.

Vehicle Electrification – Where Do We Go from Here?

Ted Miller, Senior Manager of Energy Storage Strategy and Research, Ford Corporation

US xEV Market Growth Regulations and Customer Interest

James Kliesch, Environmental Regulatory Affairs Manager, Product Regulatory Office, American Honda Motor Company, Inc.

BEV and PHEV Expansion in World Markets

Viktor Irle, Market Analyst, EV-Volumes

Electric Vehicles: the End of the Beginning

Logan Goldie-Scot, BloombergNEF

Lithium-Ion Batteries – New Business Models Emerging

Wolfgang Bernhart, PhD, Roland Berger GmbH

Latest Market Trends of xEV-LIB

Hideo Takeshita, President and CEO, B3 Corporation


Session Chairperson: Ted Miller, Senior Manager of Energy Storage Strategy and Research, Ford Corporation

Talk title to be announced

Yasushi Tsuchida, Executive Engineer, Materials Engineering Department 2 & Drivetrain Design and Evaluation, Toyota Motor North America R&D

Glimpses into BEV Batteries on the Market – AVL Series Battery Benchmarking

Wenzel Prochazka, PhD, Manager, Battery Benchmarking Program, AVL List GmbH


Charging Forward: Making EVs More Convenient with Extreme Fast Charge Technology

Benjamin Park, PhD, Founder and CTO, Enevate Corporation

Talk Title to be Announced

Andy Oury, Global Lead for GM Power Battery Packs, General Motors

Manganese-Rich Cathodes: Problems and Progress Towards Implementation

Jason Croy, PhD, Electrochemical Energy Storage, Materials Science Research Group, Chemical Sciences and Engineering Division, Argonne National Lab

Battery life & Reliability


Study of PHEV Batteries in Field Application

Bob Taenaka, Senior Technical Leader, Electrified Vehicle Battery Systems, Ford Motor Company

Talk title to be Announced

Gil Tal, PhD, Director, The Plug-in Hybrid & Electric Vehicle (PH&EV) Research Center, UC Davis

 xEV Industry Trends of Charging & Battery Systems

Kevin Konecky, Battery Systems Consultant, Total Battery Consulting, Inc

* The program is subject to change without notice, due to unforeseen reason.

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