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Battery Intelligence for Automotive Applications

How Smart Analysis of Your Battery Data Can Drive On-Time New Vehicle Launches, Optimal Performance, and Increased Margins

June 8-9, 2020


With the rapidly approaching electrification of the global vehicle fleet, automotive OEMs and key suppliers of battery packs, cells, and related components are under tremendous pressure to launch more new product lines in a tighter time frame than has ever been done before. Increasingly demanding consumer expectations around EV range and fast-charging ability, combined with a scarcity of qualified engineering talent, add to the challenges of shipping on-time and on-budget. Battery Intelligence – the intelligent analysis that unlocks the potential of data that these organizations are already collecting today – is the key to staying competitive in the electrified automotive landscape. The Battery Intelligence for Automotive Applications symposium will discuss how organizations can leverage a variety of data sources and contemporary analytical techniques (statistical analysis, machine learning, predictive modeling) to accelerate product development cycles, rapidly scale battery platforms across multiple vehicle lines, ensure supply chain integrity, eliminate guesswork to make fully data-driven design decisions, predict battery life, reduce pack overbuild and associated costs, and maximize the productivity of their engineering teams.

Preliminary Agenda

KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Introduction to Battery Intelligence Systems (BIS)

Tal Sholklapper, CEO & Co-Founder, Voltaiq


Talk Title to be Announced

Barbara Hughes, PhD, Senior Research Scientist, Forge Nano

Separator Innovation Unlocking Next-Generation Lithium Batteries

Peter Frischmann, PhD, CEO and Co-Founder, Sepion Technologies


Industry 4.0 Cell Manufacturing Factory Software Architectures Permit Improved Cell Yield

Bob Zollo, Solution Architect for Battery Testing, Keysight

Customizing Lithium-Ion Cells – From the First Materials Test to Series Production

Torge Thönnessen, CEO, CUSTOMCELLS®

In situ Electronics and Sensors for Intelligence Energy Storage

Joe Fleming, PhD, Assistant Professor, Engineering, Coventry University


Safety Testing Lithium-Ion Batteries for Aviation Applications

Thomas Bloxham, PhD, CRE, Battery Technology Lead, Uber


Introduction to Battery Machine Learning

Christianna Lininger, PhD, Application Engineer, Voltaiq

* The program is subject to change without notice, due to unforeseen reason.

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