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The analysis of massive amounts of 'omics data is uncovering remarkable insights into disease biology, creating a wealth of new drug targets, and the potential for the development of novel pharmaceutical agents. Key to efficiently utilizing these new targets is the need for preclinical validation, harnessing new disease models to assess efficacy and toxicity, as well as emerging capabilities of CRISPR, nanoparticle-based delivery, and new methods for tackling the challenging aspects of crossing the blood brain barrier and addressing CNS diseases. Join pharmaceutical, biotech, and academic stakeholders for interactive sessions, panel discussions, and short courses, all of which are geared toward providing opportunities for active networking and collaboration.

June 12

SYMPOSIUM: iPS Cells for Disease Modeling and Drug Discovery

June 13-14

Blood Brain Barrier

Predicting Drug Toxicity

June 14-15

Translational Strategies in CNS

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