Leaders In BioBanking Congress 2017
Date: October 25 - 27, 2017
Venue: Nashville Marriott at Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN USA

The goal of personalized medicine has ushered in the transition from empirical medicine to molecular medicine. Thus during research, biobanks are key infrastructures for biomedical R&D because at one time or another, these biospecimens have been stored in a biobank. Well-annotated biospecimens and their associated clinical data accelerate translational and clinical research discoveries. However, high-throughput molecular sequencing and increased biosample variety have introduced significant informatics challenges for biobanking infrastructures. Meanwhile, the lack of high-quality biospecimens both stalls projects and limits research advances.

Cambridge Healthtech Institute's Ninth International Leaders in Biobanking Congress addresses biospecimen science, management, and applications, bringing together biomedical and biopharmaceutical researchers, regulators, biorepository managers and practitioners to investigate the best strategies for effective use of biospecimens within today's cutting-edge biomedical research, leading to the goal of personalized medicine.

The meeting will cover a range of topics and case studies utilizing biospecimen science and biobanking management.

Those encouraged to submit a title and summary of their experiences for consideration of presentation include:

  • Molecular researchers utilizing biospecimens for their research
  • Biobankers providing biospecimens, developing biopreservation technologies standards and protocols and managing resources while navigating regulatory compliance
  • Clinical trial professionals collecting, analyzing and utilizing data

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