• Re-Entering Antibacterial
    Re-Entering Antibacterial Discovery and Development Summit
    Date: October 18 - 20, 2017
    Venue: Omni Parker House, Boston, MA USA

    We are witnessing rapidly unfolding efforts to reinvigorate the antibacterial pipeline, improve antimicrobial stewardship and bring the multidrug microbial resistance under control. Industry, academia and government entities are working together on sustainable solutions for the antibiotic resistance crisis. Multidrug-resistant Gram-negative bacteria currently pose the biggest threat and attract the most attention from researchers and policy makers. Novel platforms, screening strategies and new drugs as well as new pathways for clinical development and market access are needed to overcome the current state of emergency associated with multidrug-resistant bacteria. Cambridge Healthtech Institute's Fourth Annual Re-Entering Antibacterial Discovery and Development Summit is designed as a knowledge and experience exchange for the major stakeholders working in this important area. The Summit features two conferences, Antibacterial Discovery and Development (October 18-19) and Targeting Gram-Negative Pathogens (October 19-20), and several short courses.

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