High-Content Analysis & 3D Screening
Date: November 6 - 8, 2017
Venue: Boston Marriott Cambridge, Cambridge, MA USA

Conference Programs

November 6-7

HCA Link

3D Cell Culture

November 7-8

Phenotypic Screening

Screening & Functional Analysis of 3D Models

About the Event

Now in its fifteenth year, Cambridge Healthtech Institute's High-Content Analysis & 3D Screening Conference delivers the most recent developments in high-content and phenotypic screening. Leading pharma and academic researchers will focus on advancements in HCA technologies and applications, including screening of 3D and physiologically-relevant cellular models, data analysis techniques, and case studies and strategies for successful drug discovery. The expanded 3-day coverage on 3D cellular models and 3D screening will present the latest in spheroid, organoid and organotypic cell culture, and organ-on-a-chip technologies for drug screening. Please join us at CHI's longest-running event dedicated to cutting-edge cellular screening!


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