“The presentations were exceptional, covering an extraordinary array of antibody and antibody-alternative technologies. PEGS Europe is unparalleled in both scope and quality.”
- Kevin R., Ph.D., Scientist, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute

“Once more, PEGS Europe was an outstanding event with great science and a perfect setting for networking. Very nice combination of topics and speakers.”
- Philipp M., Ph.D., Project Leader, Biomedicine, University Hospital of Basel

“PEGS Europe is a gem for protein engineers with depth and breadth in a stimulating and engaging environment! I am glad that I came all the way from California to be a part of it.”
- Seung C., Ph.D., Associate Director, Cell Biology, Xencor, Inc.

“One of the best antibody conferences I’ve been to. The presentations were of superb quality and captured the excitement of recent developments in this field. For anyone interested in antibodies and antibody mimetics, I would unhesitatingly recommend the PEGS conference in Lisbon next year.”
- Mike W., Ph.D., Research Scientist, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute

“I have enjoyed this meeting very much and the quality of the talks has been very good. I also enjoyed our roundtable. It was a very engaged group and I thought the discussion went very well.”
- Luis B., Ph.D., Scientific Director, Amgen, Inc.

“I was pleased to find so many scientists in the European industrial sector who were willing to talk about their research in great detail. It is a refreshing viewpoint when compared to similar conferences held in the US.”
- Kathleen H., Ph.D., Scientist, Cell and Systems Biology, University of Toronto

“A great event, packed with so much knowledge and great speakers, offering a unique balance between academic research and industrial applications. In short: offering a compact source of inspiration."
- Jonas S., Ph.D., Head, High-Throughput Laboratory, Biochemistry, University of Zurich

“I really enjoyed the meeting and the roundtables are always very interesting.”
- Nicolas F., Ph.D., Head, Research, Novimmune SA

“All in all, the PEGS meeting was - again - very informative and an excellent occasion to meet colleagues working on similar subjects.”
- Hubert K., Ph.D., Principal Scientist, Large Molecule Research, Roche Pharma Research and Early Development (pRED)

“I had a great time at PEGS Europe and learned a lot.”
- Germaine F., Ph.D., Senior Scientist, Antibody Engineering, Genentech, Inc.

“Thank you very much for putting together this really interesting program. It is a really inspirational meeting, and I’m enjoying it very much.”
- Vera M., Ph.D., Chief Scientist, Antibody Discovery, AbCheck SRO

“Excellent meeting to get updates on really hot technologies and results on engineered proteins and antibody formats. Good opportunity to meet key players in industry and also academia.”
- Maria G. Ph.D., CSO, Fairjourney Biologics

“Round table directly helped with real experimental problems.”
- Andrew W., Principal Scientist (R&D), Abcam

“I enjoyed the conference a lot: A lot of participation; active discussions. People were easy to contact.”
- Janine S., Ph.D., Director, Strategic Research, Genmab B.V.

“I enjoyed the meeting, networking and the exchange of “hidden” knowledge was easy compared to PEGS-Boston. With regard to the talks, the overall quality and topics were a fine selection!”
- Olive H., Ph.D., Vice President, Molecular Biology, Apogenix GmbH

“The quality of the talks was extremely good in term of both speakers and content.The meeting was very well organized and the schedule was great as well as the location.”
- Alessandro A., Ph.D., David H. Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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