Bioconjugates Stream

Bioconjugates as Therapeutics: from R&D to Clinical Development

The Bioconjugation Stream investigates the ongoing design and R&D efforts, along with the challenges of producing such complex bioconjugates as fusion proteins and antibody-drug conjugates, while ensuring stability, specificity and efficacy. The “Fusion Protein Therapeutics” conference examines the varying constructs achieved by combining modular building blocks to reach targets not accessible to antibodies, and discusses engineering and conjugation strategies to improve efficacy, safety and clinical success. The “Engineering Antibody-Drug Conjugates” conference reveals the exciting third-generation ADC formats, and explores new cytotoxic drugs, linkers and conjugation chemistries that enhances the homogeneity and stability of the ADC; while the “Clinical Progress of Antibody-Drug Conjugates” conference addresses ADCs in preclinical to clinical development, and showcases lessons learned to improve drug design and patient outcomes. 

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