Tri-Conference Testimonials

"This year’s meeting continued to exceed expectations by educating participants about cutting edge digital pathology trends such as regulatory updates, new guidelines, IVM, 3D, computational pathology, and the tumor microenvironment. If you want to be ahead of the curve, you should get to next year's meeting."
- Professor, Pathology & Biomedical Informatics, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

“The Tri-Conference is an worthwhile event because it gave me a nice cross-section view of the field of cloud and biomedicine in academic and commercial spaces.”
- Associate Research Scientist, Taylor Laboratory, Computational Biology and Genomics, Johns Hopkins University

“The Tri-Conference captured the key topics of the moment combined with a very diverse set of attendees.”
- CCO, OmniSeq

“The Tri-Conference is one of the most productive meetings in the emerging field of sample-to-answer micro-fluid IVD due to the vast cross-section of participants.”
- CEO/Founder David Wright

“The Tri-Conference brings together the scientific and regulatory communities unlike other conferences we participate in... The intermingling of these two groups of participants always makes for a great show and excellent dialogue both at the booths and during the scientific sessions.”
- Senior Director, Business Development, KIYATEC, Inc.

“NeoGenomics received exceptional booth traffic and quality leads at the Tri-Conference. It’s the first time in my career that I’ve ran out of literature at an event.”
- Senior Manager, Global Strategic Marketing, Neogenomics Labs

“We had an all-around wonderful experience at the Tri-Con, with great conversations with the attendees and exhibitors. The presentations were excellent and provided great insight to this ever-changing market. Definitely value packed!”
- VP Sales and Marketing, AmericanBIO

“After considering exhibiting at Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference for several years, we finally decided to try it 2017. We were impressed with both the quality and quantity of leads we received during the conference. They match quite well with our expanding molecular biology and structural biology product line. We have already registered to return as an exhibitor for 2018.”
- Vice President, CFO and General Manager, DNASTAR, Inc.

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