Digital Health is promising to revolutionize healthcare delivery, optimize personalized and precision medicine, and offer new tools for drug and diagnostic development. Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s Inaugural Digital Health Pharma Congress offers a comprehensive 4-day program on the applications of biosensors, mobile devices and wearables, Internet of Things (IoT), mobile health platforms, artificial intelligence, and digital biomarkers in all areas of drug and diagnostic development. Pharmaceutical Executive Summit on Digital Health brings together leading experts and thought leaders to share the latest advances of biosensors and wearables in clinical trials, regulatory and reimbursement pathways, integration of mHealth at big pharma, digital therapeutics and digital medicine; as well as provides case studies of digital health initiatives at big pharma. The Second Annual Digital Biomarkers meeting focuses on the clinical utility of biosensor, wearable and mHealth technologies and their impact on drug development, including remote patient monitoring and disease management, digital endpoints in clinical trials, integration of mobile health into drug development, and digital biomarker discovery and implementation. Finally, the symposium on Internet of Diagnostic Things presents the latest advances in connected diagnostics, including connected biosensors, wearables and implantables, smartphone-enabled diagnostics, and Internet of Medical Things; and their potential to revolutionize healthcare and drug development by shifting point-of-care diagnostics to the patient, offering novel digital biomarkers for innovating clinical trials, and enabling the next-generation of patient-centric personalized medicine. The Digital Health Pharma Congress is part of CHI’s World Pharma Week: the premier meeting place for pharmaceutical decision makers!

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