Problem Solving Roundtable Discussions

These are informal, moderated discussions with brainstorming and interactive problem solving, allowing participants from diverse backgrounds to exchange ideas and experiences and develop future collaborations around a focused topic. Details on the topics and moderators are below.



TUESDAY, AUGUST 20 , 4:00 – 5:00 PM

Novel Scaffolds as Multi-Functional Drugs

Moderator: H. Kaspar Binz, PhD, CEO Binz Biotech Consulting

  • What are the opportunities for using non-immunoglobulin binding domains?
  • What challenges would one expect for novel scaffolds?
  • Which benefits are expected when using novel scaffolds?
  • Which approaches are enabled by novel scaffolds and which ones remain impossible?

Antibody Derivatives with Prodrug Functionality

Moderator: Ulrich Brinkmann, PhD, Expert Scientist, Roche Pharma Research and Early Development, Roche Innovation Center Munich, Penzberg, FRG

  • Academic/exotic playground vs next generation platforms?
  • What for alternatives?
  • Pro/con of different in/activation approaches?



WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 21, 5:00 – 6:00 PM

PK and Immunogenicity Analytical Strategy to Support Bispecific Antibody Clinical Development

Moderator: Kate Peng, PhD, Group Leader/Senior Scientist, BioAnalytical Sciences, Genentech

  • PK method development considerations
  • Immunogenicity assessment strategy

Safety of Bispecifics Based on CD3 Targeting on T Cells

Moderator: Rakesh Dixit, PhD, DABT, President & CEO, Bionavigen

  • Advantages of CD3-based Bispecifics, meeting the deficiencies of the BITE molecules
  • Discussion on CD3 bispecific formats? Target selection?
  • Safety challenges of CD-3 bispecifics: Target related or format based?
  • Risk mitigation through smart engineering approaches

* The program is subject to change without notice, due to unforeseen reason.