Below is a sample of the 2018 participant list.

  • Advanced Analytical Technologies Inc, Dir Bus Dev
  • Advanced Analytical Technologies Inc, S Central & SE Account Mgr
  • Agilent Technologies, Product Mgr
  • Agilent Technologies Inc, Project Leader
  • Akamai Strategies, Principal
  • Anchor Molecular, Consultant
  • Anchor Molecular, Staff Scientist & Mgr
  • Baylor College of Medicine, Prof
  • Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Ctr, Dir
  • BioVision Inc, Dir R&D
  • BioVision Inc, Product Mgr
  • BloodPAC, Exec Dir
  • Cambridge Cancer Genomics, Co-Founder & CEO
  • Canon Virginia Inc, Assoc Scientist
  • COMBiNATi, Chief Scientific Officer
  • Cornell Univ, Robert N Noyce Asst Prof
  • DiaCarta, VP R&D
  • Dynamic Devices, West Coast Regional Mgr
  • Email Address Only, Sr Scientific Researcher
  • Expedeon, Americas Distribution Mgr
  • Expedeon, EMEA Sales Mgr
  • Expedeon, Sales Exec
  • Federal Aviation Administration, Principal Research Geneticist
  • Genetics Research LLC, Chemist
  • Genetics Research LLC, President
  • Georgetown Univ, Prof & Dir Telomeres & Cell Immortalization
  • Gilead Sciences Inc, Scientist
  • GRAIL Inc, Design Control & Validation Mgr
  • Hitachi Ltd, Sr Researcher
  • Immunocore Ltd, Assoc Scientist
  • INDIVUMED GmbH, Dir Sales & Research Advisor
  • Indus Tech Reports, Editor in Chief
  • Integrated BioBank of Luxembourg, Flow Cytometry Asst Scientist
  • Intermountain Healthcare, Dir
  • Karius Inc, Co-Founder & CSO
  • LAM IvyGene, Mgr
  • Liquid Biotech USA Inc, Dir
  • Mayo Clinic, Asst Prof
  • Mayo Clinic, Sr Research Technologist
  • MD Anderson Cancer Ctr, Assoc Prof
  • Medtech Insight, Managing Editor
  • Mikro Biyosistemler Inc, Engineer
  • Natera Inc, Sr Bioinformatician
  • Natl Tsing Hua Univ, Prof
  • NIH NHGRI, Research Fellow
  • NIST, Research Biologist
  • Osaka Univ, Prof
  • Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy, Operations Mgr
  • Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy, VP Research Operations
  • PerkinElmer, Assoc Product Mgr
  • PerkinElmer, Natl Applications Mgr
  • PerkinElmer Informatics Inc, Sales Specialist
  • Promega Corp, Strategic Business Leader
  • Q2 Solutions a Quintiles Quest Joint Venture, Scientist
  • QIAGEN GmbH, Global Product Mgr
  • QIAGEN GmbH, VP R&D & Scientific Dir PreAnalytiX
  • Roche Molecular Diagnostics, Assoc Intl Product Mgr
  • Streck Inc, Dir Strategic Marketing
  • Streck Inc, Strategic Account Exec
  • Sutter Health California Pacific Medical Ctr Rsch Institute, Staff Scientist
  • Takara Bio USA Inc, Scientist III & Grp Leader
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc, Sr Mgr
  • Two Pore Guys, CSO
  • Tymora Analytical Operations, President & CTO
  • Univ of California Berkeley, Prof
  • Univ of California San Diego, Prof Human Genetics & NanoEng & Founding Dir
  • Univ of Maryland Baltimore, Prof
  • Univ of Miami, Dir Pathology
  • Univ of Southern California, Asst Prof
  • Univ of Southern California, Prof of Research
  • Vortex BioSciences Inc, Lead Scientist
  • Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Assoc Prof
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