Advancing Bispecific and Combination Therapy to the Clinic focuses on novel concepts and their developments. Presentations will include synergistic combinations together with their rationale and provide data showing improved performance, including potency, targeting, stability, half-life and reduced toxicity. Preclinical studies leading up to proof-of-concept and IND enabling studies will be included as well as developments up to phases 2 and 3 for the more advanced products.  

Coverage will include, but is not limited to:


  • Bispecifics for checkpoint inhibitors together and in combination with agonists
  • T-cell engagement, particularly bispecifics that demonstrate superiority in terms of low levels of cytokine release, improved potency and specificity, and longer half-life to avoid continuous infusion
  • Bispecific engagement of NK cells
  • Bispecific cytokines demonstrating improved properties and a balance between safety and efficacy
  • Effective non-bispecific combination therapies
  • Novel bispecific formats including interesting combinations with mechanistic data
  • Design to proof-of-concept demonstrating benefits of bispecifics over antibodies in combination
  • Preclinical and clinical results including predictive studies, proof-of-concept and data from advanced products in
    Phases 2 and 3
  • IND enabling studies: immunogenicity profiling, formulation, production, and clinical strategy

* The program is subject to change without notice, due to unforeseen reason.