The 4th Annual Engineering Antibodies conference at PEGS Europe presents the latest antibodies to watch, and explores technologies and new approaches to discover, design and engineer novel modalities and new platforms for existing and challenging targets. The conference will also explore new techniques such as deep sequencing, in silico engineering and gene editing to help further the understanding of the sequence and structure-function of the molecules, and close the gap from bench to clinic.

Preliminary Agenda


OPENING PRESENTATION: Antibodies to Watch in 2020

Janice M. Reichert, PhD, Executive Director, The Antibody Society; Editor-in-Chief, mAbs

KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Explorations in Antibody Product Discovery

Janine Schuurmann, PhD, Corporate Vice President Research & Innovation, Antibody Research & Technology, Genmab


Pipeline Update on GPCR and Ion Channel Antibodies

Catherine Hutchins, PhD, Consultant

Strategies to Isolate and Engineer Functional Antibodies against GPCR and Ion Channel Targets

Trevor Wilkinson, PhD, Associate Director, Antibody Discovery and Protein Engineering, AstraZeneca BioPharmaceuticals Unit


TriTAC: A Tri-Specific T Cell Engaging Platform for the Treatment of Solid Tumors

Bryan D. Lemon, PhD, Senior Director, Protein Science, Harpoon Therapeutics, Inc.

The Making of a Biparatopic Molecule

Fernando Garces, PhD, Senior Scientist, Biologics Optimization, Amgen

The Contorsbody, a Format for Agonism: Design, Structure, Function

Guy Georges, PhD, Expert Scientist, Large Molecule Research, Roche Innovation Center Munich

Targeted Thorium Conjugates (TTCs): A New Modality for the Treatment of Cancer Utilizing Alpha Particle-Based Radiotherapy

Alan Cuthbertson, PhD, Head of Thorium R&D, TCR, Bayer AS

Preclinical Development of ELN/22, A Novel "Super-Neutralising" Solomer™ Specific for Human TNF-Alpha

Obinna Ubah, PhD, Senior Research Scientist, Protein Engineering and Biotechnology, Elasmogen Limited

DEEP sequencing, single cell cloning and novel engineering approaches to antibody discovery & optimisation

Deep Sequencing of Natural Antibody Repertoires for Antibody Discovery and Optimization and Elucidation of Repertoire Properties

Isidro Hotzel, PhD, Senior Scientist, Antibody Engineering, Genentech

Combining Deep Sequencing and High Throughput B Cell Technologies to Maximize Functional Activity Guided Antibodies Discovery and Optimization

Gabriel Wan Cheung, PhD, Senior Director, BioMedicine Design, Pfizer, Inc.

Advancing Therapeutic Protein Development Using a Novel O-Glycan-Based Conjugation Approach

Monika Papworth, PhD, Senior Scientist, Antibody Discovery & Protein Engineering, AstraZeneca

A Platform Approach to Manage Developability and Manufacturability Risks of Biologics Molecules

Sebastian Schlicker, Director, Biologics Business, Genedata

* The program is subject to change without notice, due to unforeseen reason.

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