The complexity of biotherapeutics and the increasing demands of “faster, better, more economical” resonate with recombinant protein expression and production researchers. To meet these goals, protein scientists are exploring new engineering tools. However, many variables still must be considered during the engineering process, including verification and sequence analysis of the gene or protein, codon optimisation, vector construction and clone/host selection. Ultimately, these tools must be weighed against traditional expression and production strategies to achieve the desired quantity and quality.

Preliminary Agenda


Development of a Pre-Glycoengineered CHO-K1 Host Cell Line for the Expression of Antibodies with Enhanced Fc Mediated Effector Function

Oliver Popp, Dr. rer. nat., Principle Scientist, pRED, Large Molecule Research, Roche Diagnostics GmbH, Roche Innovation Center Munich

CHO Genome Mining for Synthetic Promoter Design

David C. James, PhD, Professor and Chair, Bioprocess Engineering, University of Sheffield

Precise Genome Engineering of Hybridomas for Antibody Expression and Screening

Cristina Parola, PhD, Research Scientist, Biologics Research, Sanofi


Rethinking Gene Expression Using the Synthetic C3P3 Transcription System

Philippe H. Jais, MD, PhD, President and CSO, Eukarÿs SAS


Integrating Cell Free Expression, Purification, and Bioconjugation

Marco G. Casteleijn, PhD, Senior Researcher, Industrial Biotechnology, VTT Technical Research Institute of Finland

Development of a High-Yield Cell-Free Synthesis Platform from Pichia pastoris

Karen Polizzi, PhD, Reader in Biotechnology, Department of Chemical Engineering, Imperial College London

Synthetic Platform for In-vitro Glycoengineering of Proteins by a Cell-Free, Compartmentalized Multi-Enzyme Cascade

Thomas Rexer, PhD, Team Lead, Dynamics of Complex Technical Systems, Bioprocess Engineering, Max Planck Institute

Cell-Free Based Approach for Rapid Screening of Antibody Fragment Libraries

Shayli Varasteh Moradi, PhD, Research Associate, Science and Engineering Faculty, The Queensland University of Technology

* The program is subject to change without notice, due to unforeseen reason.

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