Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s 13th Annual

Lyophilization and Emerging Drying Technologies

January 21-22, 2020

Part of the Formulation & Stability pipeline


The popular 13th Annual Lyophilization and Emerging Drying Technologies conference covers latest trends, advances and challenges in lyophilization and emerging drying technologies. This conference will feature in-depth case studies, new and unpublished data and discussions on developing scientifically sound freeze-dried formulation, process optimization for biologics and vaccines. It will also present cutting-edge research and case studies on formulation challenges of freeze-dried formulation and cell, gene and tissue based products. We are seeking cutting-edge research findings and unpublished data to be featured at this forum.


Coverage will include, but is not limited to:

  • Lyophilization or alternative drying technologies for:
    • New biologics and complex drug delivery systems
    • Nanoparticles, liposomes and emulsions, etc.
    • Cell and tissue based products
    • High concentration formulations
  • Advances in new and emerging drying technologies:
    • Spray drying
    • Foam drying
    • Super critical fluid drying
    • Microwave drying
    • Microglassification and other alternate drying technologies
  • Advances in lyophilization technology:
    • Controlled ice nucleation
    • Miniaturization techniques and continuous manufacturing
    • Lyophilization of highly potent compounds
    • Optimization of cycle, fill-finish, scale up, technology transfer and manufacturing processes
    • Cycle analysis and control by using mass spectroscopy and other analytical techniques
  • Prediction and control of stability of freeze-dried products and protein aggregation and particulates in lyophilized formulation
  • New research and case studies for development of challenging lyophilization processes
  • Delivery consideration products dried by lyophilization and other technologies:
    • Visual inspection and reconstitution challenges
    • Protein aggregation, nanobubbles, role of excipients
    • Pre-filled syringes, combination devices and smart devices
    • Other delivery challenges for lyophilized products     


* The program is subject to change without notice, due to unforeseen reason.

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