Dinner Short Courses*

TUESDAY, JANUARY 21 | 5:45 - 8:45 PM

SC1: Best Practices for Biotherapeutic Discovery and Development
Wasfi AlAzzam, PhD, CSO, TechnoPharmaSphere (TPS)

SC2: The Safety of Immunotherapy and ADCs: How to Mitigate Risk and Adverse Effects
Rakesh Dixit, PhD, DABT, President & CEO, Bionavigen, LLC
George Octavian Badescu, PhD, Vice President, Scientific Affairs, Heidelberg Pharma AG

SC3: Structure-Based Optimization of Antibodies
Traian Sulea, PhD, Senior Research Officer, Human Health Therapeutics, Biotechnology Research Institute, National Research Council Canada

SC5: Protein Aggregation: Mechanism, Characterization, and Consequences
Thomas Laue, PhD, Professor Emeritus, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Director, Biomolecular Interaction Technologies Center (BITC), University of New Hampshire
Kevin Mattison, PhD, Principal Scientist, Malvern Pananalytical, Inc.

SC6: Assembling an Effective Toolbox of Expression Systems to Support Your Drug Discovery Efforts
Richard Altman, MS, Field Application Scientist, Protein Expression, Biosciences Division, Life Sciences Solutions Group, Thermo Fisher Scientific
Additional Instructors to be Announced

Additional Short Course to be Announced

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* The program is subject to change without notice, due to unforeseen reason.

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