Short Courses*

Thirty short courses will take place at the Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference between Sunday March 1, Monday March 2, and Tuesday March 3. The short courses are designed to be instructional, interactive, and provide in-depth information on a specific topic. Short course themes include introductions for those new to the field as well as explanations on more technical aspects than time allows during our main conference programs that take place Monday-Wednesday. Instructors are drawn from industry and academics alike, many of whom are recognized authorities in their fields or have teaching experience. Below is a list of short course topics we are developing for the 2020 program. Please visit this page during the August-September time frame for further developments.

  • Trends and Factors Impacting the Genetic Testing Landscape
  • Coverage and Reimbursement for Advanced Diagnostics
  • NGS Assay Selection, Validation and Compliance
  • Translating CTCs and ctDNA for Clinical Use
  • Data Visualization
  • AI for Early Drug Discovery
  • Regulatory Compliance in Molecular Diagnostics
  • Companion Diagnostics for Immuno-Oncology
  • Microfluidics and Lab-on-a-Chip Devices for POCT: Technologies and Commercialization
  • Liquid Biopsy Technologies and Application
  • Cell and Gene Therapy Primer
  • AI for Early Drug Development
  • Next-Generation Sequencing as a Diagnostics Platform
  • Commercialization Boot Camp for Diagnostics: State-of-the-State
  • NGS for Infectious Disease Diagnostics
  • Digital Pathology: A-Z for Beginners
  • Detection and Characterization of Circulating Biomarkers
  • Connected Diagnostics: IoT, Sensors and Wearables Bring Point-of-Care Dx to the Patient
  • Best Practices in Personalized and Translational Medicine
  • Data Security
  • Global Companion Diagnostic Commercialization Bootcamp
  • Digital Biomarkers
  • Oncology Informatics
  • and more!

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