Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s 6th Annual

Agonist Immunotherapy Targets

Priming the Immune System with Costimulatory Agents

May 7-8, 2020

The immunotherapies industry is currently dominated by antagonist antibodies such as PD-1 and CTLA-4, however, agonist targets play an equally critical role in improving the immune response across various types of cancer.

CHI’s Agonist Immunotherapy Targets conference brings together leading industry scientists and academics to examine the most promising agonist targets in development, supported by cutting-edge data and lessons learnt. Key targets include 4-1BB, OX40, CD137, CD40 and GITR, as well as developments in TNFR receptors, ICOS, STING, and VISTA – as monotherapies and in combination.

Preliminary Agenda


ICOS Agonism - The Next Generation of Immune Checkpoint Modulation for Cancer

Axel Hoos, PhD, Senior Vice President, Therapeutic Area Head, Oncology, GSK

Reverse Translational Approaches in Development of ICOS Agonist Vopratelimab

Elizabeth Trehu, MD, CMO, Jounce Therapeutics

Talk Title to be Announced

Bruce Keyt, PhD, CSO, IGM Biosciences

CD137 Bispecific Antibody Targeting the Tumor Microenvironment

Patrick Mayes, PhD, Executive Director, Head, IO Antibody Research, Incyte


Novel MOA of a PD1-OX40 Bispecific

Fiona Harding, PhD, Senior Research Fellow, Oncology Discovery, AbbVie

Elucidating How Nonlinked CD4+ Help Augments OX40 plus 4-1BB Agonist Immunotherapy

Adam J. Adler, Professor, Department of Immunology, UConn Health School of Medicine

Developing Novel Combinations to Enhance the Therapeutic Efficacy of OX40 Agonists

William L. Redmond, PhD, Associate Member and Director, Immune Monitoring Laboratory, Earle A. Chiles Research Institute, Providence Cancer Institute


CD40 and Anti-CD40 mAb Programs

Michael Yellin, MD, Vice President, Clinical Science, Celldex

Targeting CD40 to Unleash Dendritic Cells in Immuno-Oncology – Expanding the Tumor-Specific T Cell Repertoire

Peter Ellmark, PhD, Vice President, Discovery, Alligator Bioscience

Overcoming the Resistance to Agonist Immunotherapy

Bin Zhang MD, PhD, Professor, Department of Medicine –Division of Hematology/Oncology, Department of Microbiology-Immunology, Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

CD40 Enhances Type I Interferon Responses Downstream of CD47 Blockade to Bridge Innate and Adaptive Immunity

Taylor Schreiber, PhD, CSO, Research & Development, Shattuck Labs, Inc.


IL-15-Based Trifunctional Antibody Fusion Proteins with Costimulatory TNF-Superfamily Ligands for Cancer Immunotherapy

Dafne Müller, PhD, Group Leader, Institute of Cell Biology and Immunology, University of Stuttgart

TNFR2: Turning off for Cancer, Turning on for Autoimmunity

Denise L. Faustman, MD, PhD, Director of Immunobiology, Massachusetts General Hospital, Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

HERA-GITRL: A Unique Hexavalent GITR Agonist for Cancer Immunotherapy

Oliver Hill, PhD, Vice President, Molecular Biology, Apogenix

* The program is subject to change without notice, due to unforeseen reason.

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