Bioconjugates Stream


Antibody-Drug Conjugates Come of Age

The field of ADCs has experienced its fair share of ups-and-downs on the road to clinic and regulatory approvals. Finally, this year we saw the approval of POLIVY™, with several promising ADCs drumming up the excitement in the coming months. To highlight the dynamic landscape, CHI’s Bioconjugates Stream will present a 2-part Antibody-Drug Conjugates program:

Part 1: Engineering Antibody-Drug Conjugates invites scientists to discuss novel design strategies to engineer the right ADC combinations, using novel payloads, new non-IgG platforms, and/or creative linker/conjugation technologies.

Part 2: Clinical Progress of Antibody-Drug Conjugates invites investigators to share their latest results from preclinical to clinical trials, lessons learned from past ADC programs and related fields to inform next-gen ADC design, and to develop better predictability for translation from bench to clinic.

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