15th Annual Drug Discovery Chemistry
Date: April 13 - 17, 2020
Venue: Hilton San Diego Bayfront, San Diego, CA USA
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Agenda,Sponsor updated
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Medicinal Chemistry: Where Are We Headed?

Wendy Young, PhD
Senior Vice President, Small Molecule Discovery, Genentech

Translational Chemistry

Phil Baran, PhD
Professor, Department of Chemistry, Scripps Research

About the Event

Cambridge Healthtech Institute's 15th Annual Drug Discovery Chemistry is a dynamic conference for medicinal chemists working in pharma and biotech. Focused on discovery and optimization challenges of small molecule drug candidates, Drug Discovery Chemistry provides many exciting opportunities for scientists to create a unique program to hear presentations most suited to one's personal interests by going back and forth among concurrent conferences. The 2020 event includes new coverage of RNA as a small molecule target, expanded coverage of artificial intelligence for early drug discovery, plus even more short courses to choose from.


  • 800 high-level participants
  • 175 speakers
  • 110+ posters
  • 25+ problem-solving breakout discussions
  • More than a dozen short courses to choose from
  • “Track-hop” between concurrent meetings
  • Exclusive exhibit & poster viewing hours
  • Dedicated networking opportunities


Maximize your educational and networking opportunities while in San Diego by adding on one or more interactive short courses! Covering some of the hottest topics in the field, these short courses are taught by leading researchers from industry and academia. Topics include covalent fragments, physical properties, GPCR-based discovery, ligand-receptor interactions, drug clearance, new immunotherapy targets, FBDD, DNA-encoded libraries, PROTACs, the ubiquitin proteasome system, immunology,and macrocyclics. *Premium or separate registration required for short courses