URLLC 2017 Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communications Nov 14 // London
URLLC 2017 (The Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communications Conference)
Date: November 14, 2017
Venue: London Heathrow Marriott Hotel, London, UK
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URLLC 2017 is THE platform for network operators, verticals, solution providers and standards bodies to come together and explore the drivers, challenges and performance parameters required to deliver competitive, low latency, high reliability wireless connectivity.
URLLC Stakeholders
Telecom Operators
Financial Services
"A perfect timing and a perfect approach that bring the necessary actors around the table to make URLLC a reality"
Berna Sayrac - Wireless Networks Research Program Coordinator, Orange
"Everyone’s talking about 5G, but what does it really mean for verticals like utilities? At [URLLC], we want to get beneath the froth and understand what utilities need from 5G, and how it is going to be delivered."
Adrian Grilli, Director, Joint Radio Company Ltd (JRC)
"At Digital Greenwich we will be working with the 5G Innovation Centre to provide a testbed for low cost, low latency resilient services that will scale rapidly and support a wide range of smart city use cases including our connected and autonomous vehicle projects This is a good moment to develop strategy and review current offerings in a very dynamic market segment."
Paul Copping, Chief Innovation Officer, Digital Greenwich
"5G is addressing not only personal communications but aims to create a fully digital society, addressing Verticals’ requirements. Ultra Reliability and Low Latency are two key factors to answer to Verticals and ensure remote management and operation of multiple use cases, such factory automation, smart cities and public safety and emergency services."
Giovanni Romano, Coordinator Radios Standards - Telecom Italia
"To enable the full potential of URLLC for various emerging critical applications, it is essential to have a timely event bringing together network vendors, operators and verticals from different domains. Exchanging ideas and experiences will certainly help these key players understand hidden challenges and create new innovations on the way"
Osman Yilmaz, Team Leader, 5G Radio Resource Control - Ericsson
Welcome note from the Founders of the URLLC Conference

At a time when mobile networks must meet the new demands of human communication and vertical industries go through key technological transformations, transmission reliability is critical for safety in many up and coming verticals including Health, Automotive, Industrial, Energy and Entertainment. Equally, low latency is crucial to ensure applications are usable and interactive whether human-to-human, human-to-machine or machine-to-machine communication. There are significant design, standardisation, cost implication and engineering challenges to deliver a network that is both reliable and low latency.

The purpose of the URLLC conference is to open the dialogue between vertical industries, mobile network operators and solution providers in order to give practical insights into what are essential and also realistic reliability and latency parameters for the various verticals and then explore the means by which these can be delivered across part or all of the wireless network infrastructure and with what cost and engineering premium.

  • Supported by an esteemed Steering Committee and multiple standards organisations including BT, Orange, Three, Bell Canada, Telecom Italia, NGMN, ETSI, 5G Infrastructure Association and 3GPP
  • Vertical Industries can benefit from both strategic plenary sessions and practical use cases
  • A variety of interactive formats and networking designed to give you refreshing access to content and connections

We look forward to welcoming you to the URLLC Conference in November.

Carole Mayhew & Andrew Bateman
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