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Drug Discovery & Therapy World Congress 2014
16 June, 2014 - 19 June, 2014 Boston, MA, USA

This unique international conference will provide a platform for all pharmaceutical scientists, internists and primary care physicians to discuss important international breakthroughs in drug discovery and new therapeutics. The focus of the conference will be on the interdisciplinary fields of drug discovery, drug therapy and translational medicine. A similar series of conferences has been held by the organizers in the UAE over the last several years. These events have been highly successful and many top international scientists, including over 22 Nobel Laureates, have presented their work.

Throughout the course of the four day conference, you will get an exclusive opportunity to network and be involved in inspiring and interesting discussions of scientists and researchers from the international pharmaceutical, academic and clinical communities.

  1. Academic CRO/Industrial collaborations in drug discovery
  2. Anti-Cancer Drug Discovery & Therapy
  3. Anti-Infectives
  4. Bioactive Lipids
  5. Biologics
  6. Cardiovascular Drug Discovery & Therapy
  7. Chemistry
    1. Asymmetric Synthesis
    2. Carbohydrates
    3. Spectroscopy

  8. Combinatorial Chemistry
  9. CNS Drug Discovery & Therapy
  10. Diabetes and Obesity Drug Discovery & Therapy
  11. Drug Delivery & Targeting
  12. Drug Discovery in Preclinical Research
    1. De-risking Drug discovery
    2. Hit to Lead and Lead Optimization

  13. Drug Metabolism
  14. Enabling Technologies
  15. Genomics
  16. Green Techniques for Medicinal Chemistry
  17. High-throughput Screening & Laboratory automation
  18. Hot Topics in Drug Targets
  19. Hot Topics in HIV Research
  20. Hot Topics in Medicinal Chemistry
  21. Hot Topics in Natural Products
  22. Inflammation and Immunology
  23. Innovative Drug Discovery and Nanotechnology
  24. In-silico Drug Design and in-silico screening
  25. Medical Imaging
  26. Nutraceutical Drug Discovery & Therapy
  27. Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
  28. Pharmaceutical Research & Development
    1. Successful Drug Discovery from the Research Lab to the Marketplace
      1. First disclosure of Clinical Compounds
      2. Case Histories of Drugs on the Market

    2. Global Roundup of Pharmaceutical Research capabilities and Opportunities
      1. Middle East
      2. China
      3. Japan & Far East
      4. North America
      5. Europe
      6. South America
      7. India & Asia
      8. Africa

    3. Global Discovery Outsourcing
    4. Generic Pharmaceuticals: Challenges and Opportunities
    5. Regulatory Affairs
    6. Other Areas of Pharmaceutical R & D

  29. Pharmacogenomics
  30. Process Chemistry and Drug Manufacturing
  31. Protein and Peptide Sciences
  32. Proteomics & Bioinformatics
  33. Pulmonary Drug Discovery & Therapy
  34. Recent Advances in Patient Treatment and Care
  35. Recent Advances in Spectroscopy
  36. Regenerative Medicine
    1. Stem Cells
    2. Gene Therapy
    3. Tissue Engineering
    4. Recent Developments in Regenerated Medicine

  37. Stereoselective Synthesis of Bioactive Compounds
  38. Structural Biology
  39. Traditional Chinese Medicine
  40. Translational Medicine
  41. Women’s Health Drug Discovery & Therapy
Exchange ideas and network with leading pharmaceutical scientists, clinicians and internists.

Brings together top international scientists and clinicians presenting cutting-edge discoveries, research and new therapeutic drugs.

This conference aims to span the interdisciplinary fields of pre-clinical and clinical drug discovery and drug therapy and to highlight the burgeoning fields of Translational Medicine - and the major advances from "bench to bedside" research and practice.

Participants can gain direct access to a core audience of professionals and decision makers and can increase visibility through branding and networking at the conference.

Obtain a global roundup of Pharmaceutical research capabilities and opportunities.

The conference will feature poster sessions.

Obtain CME (Continuing Medical Education) accreditation for selected attended clinical lectures (CME application in process).

The conference will appeal to a targeted group of scientists and senior international decision makers. Delegates will have a valuable, informative and positive experience.

Pharmaceutical scientists
CEOs, CROs, senior instrumental professionals directors and research associates from
the pharmaceutical industry and academia
Choose your language
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese


The DDTWC 2013 was of great importance with respect to scientific discoveries and it was a well organized scientific program.

Prof. Aurea Regina Telles Pupulin
Universidade Estadual de Maringá Brazil

The DDTWC was a successful scientific program and a platform to meet numerous Nobel Laureates and some of the top international scientists. It was a great occasion to attend some stimulating lectures and poster presentations. Some of the highlights of the conference I observed were;

A. Administration.
B. Scientifically motivating
C. The venue.
D. Social activities.
E. Personal interaction of organizers with each participant.

Dr. Uranchimeg Otoch
National Cancer Center Mongolia

I found the Drug Discovery and Therapy World Congress 2013 to be an exceptionally well organized and scientifically stimulating conference. The lectures were very engaging, conducted at a high level, and exposed me to a wide variety of relevant topics in drug discovery and pharmacotherapy.

Prof. Antonio Gotto, Jr.
Lewis Thomas University USA

I enjoyed the conference and the whole team.

1. The team was so friendly
2. The venue was nice and appealing.
3. The arrangement was good; however the schedule did not match with some speakers.
4. It was not clear for the poster presenter that there will be evaluation of the best poster on the last day of the conference.
5. The speakers did not cover my field of study (pharmaceutical analysis).

I was so pleased to meet some eminent scientists and the team.

Dr. Nesrine Talaat Lamie
Cairo University Egypt

"A fantastic conference of the highest caliber with ample opportunity to network with world-renowned scientists. A virtual 'high-five' to the conference organizers for their outstanding achievement in making this conference a grand success. I am already looking forward to next year's conference."

Dr. Rathnam Chaguturu
University of Kansas USA

Overall organization was very good; it was a scientifically stimulating event. The conference venue was also pleasing.

Dr. Frida Barak,
Barzilai Medical Center Israel

It was a very nicely organized conference, in an excellent location, with excellent speakers and interesting interactions.

Prof. Illana Gozes,
Tel Aviv University, Israel

The "small meetings" within a meeting format allowed significant and meaningful scientific interactions.

Dr. David Alexander Potter
University of Minnesota United States

The conference was highly organized with respect to the venue and selection of presented scientific topics, if given another opportunity, I wouldn’t mind joining the conference again in the upcoming years.

Dr. J. O. Osayande
Flanders Institute of Biotechnology Belgium

With regard to the congress: It was well organised with a challenging and far-reaching scientific agenda. The Hynes Convention Center in Boston is an excellent venue for any scientific congress. I did not attend any social activities but the colleagues were warm and receptive during the meeting.

Dr. Ivor Cowlrick,
Pharma Communications GmbH Germany

It was a pleasure attending the DDTWC; the congress was scientifically sound and fruitful in all respects.
DDTWC was an excellent and successful event., It was a great opportunity for the scientists interested in various scientific fields and also to gain knowledge from the contributions of the eminent participants.
It would be a pleasure to be part of the future conferences.

Dr. Haya abdulwahab Abubshait
University of Dammam Saudi Arabia

It was a great honor to be one of the track-chairs and attend DDTWC in Boston in 2013. The high scientific level, the excellent organization, and thes international standard venue located in a very pleasant city, made this a unique event. The high quality sessions promoted exciting discussions between researches from different fields, and led to productive interactions among participants and organizers, in a friendly atmosphere. Congratulations to the organizers!

Dr. Denise de Oliveira Silva
Instituto de Quimica da Universidade de São Paulo Brazil

"Drug Discovery & Therapy World Congress 2014, scheduled to be held from 16th - 19 th June, 2014 will bring together the world's leading scientists in the field of drug discovery and therapy to discuss their latest researches in the exciting setting of Boston. The conference should provide an occasion for the participating scientists not only to present their researches and interact with eminent colleagues but also to enjoy the intelluctually stimulating environment of Boston."

I would like to welcome the participants to DDTWC. This should be an exciting event since the leading authorities in their respective fields have agreed to present their latest works during the conference. A large number of students will also be participating in it which should be very educational for them.

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