Stem Cell Summit 2017
Date: April 5 - 7, 2017
Venue: Hyatt Regency, Boston, MA, USA

13th Stem Cell Research & Regenerative Medicine
6th Stem Cell Product Development & Commercialization
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GTCbio encourages attendees to showcase their research at the conference by presenting a poster. The top 2-3 submitted posters will also be selected to give short oral presentations as part of the meeting program. Abstracts will be accepted until February 5, 2017; slots fill up quickly so submit yours online ASAP!
Dear Colleague,

GTCbio is proud to present the Stem Cell Summit 2017, to be held on April 5-7, 2017 in Boston, MA. GTCbio's Stem Cell Summit provides cutting-edge information on developments in all areas of stem cell research from bench to bedside, including the biology, medicine, applications, regulations, product development, and the commercialization of stem cells.

Recent developments in pre-clinical and clinical trials of stem cell therapy, regenerative medicine and tissue engineering, cancer stem cells, immunotherapy, stem cell reprogramming, regulatory policies regarding stem cell research, and manufacturing will all be discussed. Business opportunities, challenges, and potential strategies for overcoming these challenges will also be addressed. Come join us to learn what categories of companies are currently commercially viable, how they're being funded, and what kind of strategic relationships are available within the industry!

Stem Cell Summit 2016 includes two back-to-back conferences including joint plenary sessions:

Conference 1: 13th Stem Cell Research & Regenerative Medicine

Conference 2: 6th Stem Cell Product Development & Commercialization

We hope to see you there!

Best regards,

The 2017 Advisory Committee

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