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Ocular Diseases Drug Discovery
Date: March 20 - 21, 2018
Venue: San Diego, CA USA

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Dear Colleague,

The 10th Ocular Diseases Drug Discovery Conference is taking place on March 20-21, 2018 in San Diego, CA. We are excited to have top representatives from the industry and academic sectors to discuss technologies and targets that are continually changing the way ocular diseases are treated. Drug delivery is always improving as we look at for better methods to penetrate anterior and poster segments of the eye. Successes in gene therapy and regenerative medicine are proving to be interesting approaches to discuss in detail pre-clinically and clinically. We are gathering leading scientists, researchers, and experts to discuss and collaborate on combating and curing age-related macular degeneration (AMD), dry eye, glaucoma, diabetic macular edema (DME), and other ocular diseases.

Session Topics

  1. Opening Keynote Session: Historical Perspective and State of the Industry
  2. Preclinical Development of Novel Technologies
  3. Translational Studies and Lessons Learned
  4. Partnering between Industry, Academia and CROs to Advance Research
  5. Panel on Funding
  6. Panel on Regulatory Challenges
  7. Start-Up Showcase (Lunch Session)
  8. Closing Keynote Session: Predictions for Future

We hope to see you there!

Best regards,
The 2018 Advisory Committee

Matthias Birkhoff, Aptar
Oscar Cuzzani, BioTime
Emmett Cunningham, Clarus Ventures
Rafal Farjo, EyeCRO LLC
Rangaramujam Kannan, John Hopkins University