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Diabetes Summit
Date: April 10 - 11, 2018
Venue: Boston, MA USA

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Dear Colleague,

GTCbio and the advisory board would like to invite you to the 11th Diabetes Summit to be held April 10-11, 2018 in Boston, MA. GTCbio’s Diabetes Summit encompasses the drug discovery and partnering aspects of diabetes in three tracks.. Experts from industry and academia will discuss strategies to target Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes in presentations, panels and round-table discussions that highlight basic research novel therapeutic targets, translation to the clinic, devices and digital aids, funding and partnering trends, emerging technologies and other relevant topics.

Joint Plenary Sessions:

  1. Opening Keynote Session – Historical Perspective & Current State of the Industry
  2. Round Table Discussions
  3. Ready, Set, Grow – New Company/Technology Pitch Competition & Lunch
  4. Award Ceremony & Closing Keynote Session – Predictions for future

Track 1: 11th Diabetes Drug Discovery & Development Conference

  1. What’s New in Type I Diabetes – Targets, Models, Assays, etc.
  2. Translational and Clinical Development for Type I Diabetes
  3. What’s New in Type II Diabetes – Targets, Models, Assays, etc.
  4. Translational and Clinical Development for Type II Diabetes

Track 2: 8th Diabetes Partnering & Deal-Making Conference

  1. Industry Partnering with Academia and CROs to Advance Research
  2. Investments from Private, Institutional and Public Sources

Track 3: Devices and Digital Aids in Diabetes Management Conference

  1. Next Generation Glucose Monitoring Devices and Technology
  2. The Role of “Being Digitally Connected” in Diabetes Management


We look forward to seeing you at the conference!

Best regards,

The 2018 Advisory Committee

2018 Advisory Board Members
Robert Geho, Diasome Pharmaceuticals Inc
Zan Fleming, Kinexum
Alan Cherrington, Vanderbilt
Brian T. Bloomquist, Eli Lilly
Aaron Schwartz, Novo Nordisk
Riccardo Perfetti, Sanofi Diabetes & Cardiovascular Business Unit
Nandan Padukone, Joslin Diabetes Center
Nathaniel Heintzman, Dexcom
Vivek Shenoy, Renovo Neural
Judith Gorski, Crown Bioscience
Vijay Koya, Boston Scientific