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Innovations & Technologies to Improve Lithium Battery Safety from Cell to Systems Level

Concerns regarding lithium battery safety, across various battery systems, sizes and applications, stem from widely publicized safety incidents, hazardous events and recalls. Innovations and technologies that improve safety, reliability, and degradation of lithium batteries are therefore of great interest to the industry and currently areas of intense research.  

The Fifth Annual Battery Safety Conference, co-located with the Tenth Annual Lithium Battery Power Conference, will address key safety and reliability challenges of lithium batteries as well as innovations and technologies for improvement. 

The conference focuses on applied research topics, including, novel flame retardant electrolytes, cathode coatings and ceramic separators. In addition to cell level research this conference will emphasize safety analysis at the systems level with examples from industry. Reducing the cost of battery systems will also be discussed.

Cell manufacturers, BMS experts, pack designers and others involved in improving battery safety who wish to share their knowledge and expertise are asked to submit a speaking proposal for review by the Scientific Advisory Committee.


Topics will include, but are not limited to:

  • Industry challenges  and applied technologies with regard to safety
  • Impact of battery material on safety
  • Cell research and safety, commercial cells evaluation and failure analysis
  • Li-based battery safety at the systems level
  • Battery monitoring system
  • Designing a better BMS system
  • Predictive battery simulations and modeling of thermal management practices
  • Safety standards, standardization and regulatory issues
  • Internal shorts, thermal runaway and stability, aging, catastrophic failure, etc.
  • Abuse tolerance and advanced testing procedures and protocols

All proposals are subject to review by the Scientific Advisory Committee to ensure the highest quality conference program. 


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