Spectrum Auctions Masterclass
Date: October 17 - 18, 2019
Venue: Central London, UK
17-18 October 2019, Central London: Running since 2009, this course offers regulators and commercial organisations the opportunity to experience the theory and practice of spectrum auctions.

In the company of top experts you will discover the golden rules and identify the pitfalls to avoid. This is a practical learning experience not to be missed.

Spectrum Auctions Masterclass
  • Prepare for forthcoming auctions
  • Take part in mock auctions using the latest online auction software
  • Learn from expert industry practitioners:
    • Professor Gerard Pogorel
    • Dennis Ward, former Industry Canada auctioneer
    • Martin Sims, PolicyTracker
  • Exciting location in the heart of the City
  • Interact with tutors and other delegates to explore best practice
  • Social events to enhance the learning experience

Why attend this course?

Spectrum auctions have gone from being a US and European phenomenon to becoming the global standard. Some countries have already sold frequencies released by the analogue TV switchover, but for many the release of a second digital dividend – 700 MHz – is on the horizon. Add to this 2.3 GHz; 2.6 GHz; 3.5 GHz; L-band; the refarming of existing mobile bands and the possible sale of parts of C-band and we can expect a full programme of spectrum release over the coming years.

Part of the purpose of this course is to learn the lessons of recent auctions, particularly the large multi-band auctions in Switzerland, Germany, Ireland, the UK and India, but also problematic auctions like those in Poland and the Czech Republic.

Another aim is to consider the new challenges for upcoming auctions. With the wider policy focus shifting from competition to broadband deployment do we need to re-think the emphasis on encouraging new entrants? How widely applicable is the US incentive auction format?

As the Combinatorial Clock Auction matures, is it proving to be the “ideal” format or should we be concerned about possible unintended consequences?

This course will help you assess those issues using not just theoretical means but also the practical experience gained by taking part in a variety of online auctions.

Never has the success of spectrum auctions been more crucial to the fortunes of companies or national economies and this course is designed to help you make informed choices in this vital area.

The benefits of the course

  • Practical experience: an opportunity to test strategies in a ‘safe’ environment
  • Taught by leading academics and expert practitioners
  • No other comparable training available - a unique opportunity
  • Comprehensive study materials included
  • A chance to learn from colleagues from other countries
  • Excellent value for money: £1799 if you book now
  • Certificate on completion of the course
  • Social events to enhance the learning experience

Who should attend?

The course is aimed at people who either work for regulators or for commercial organisations who are likely to take part in spectrum auctions. The programme is particularly relevant for the following fields: mobile; broadcasting; wireless broadband; electronics manufacturers; and public sector spectrum users such as aviation, maritime, emergency services and defence.
The content is well suited to three groups of people:

  • executives preparing for forthcoming spectrum auctions
  • those who want practical experience of taking part in an auction
  • those wanting to familiarise themselves with the latest thinking in the field

Course format

The course is delivered through a flexible combination of lectures, exercises, practical demonstrations, mock auctions, feedback and review sessions, and ‘question and answer’ sessions with expert speakers. It blends the latest theory and learning with highly interactive practical learning. Class size is limited to 25.

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