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Carina Ammala's Biography

Carina Ammala,Team leader, Cardiovascular, Renal and Metabolism,AstraZeneca

Dr Carina Ammala is team leader for in vitro islet biology in the Cardiovascular Renal and Metabolism department at AstraZenca. She joined in 2010 and has since led the development of innovative novel models to investigate the function human insulin secreting islets of Langerhans. Most recently Dr Ammala and colleagues have developed a model of organ-cross talk using human islet and hepatocyte organoids, a microphysiological system that is now being applied in diabetes drug discovery for mechanistic studies exploring novel targets. Prior to joining AstraZeneca, Dr Ammala worked for 10 years at GlaxoSmithKline in preclinical drug discovery with a focus on progressing targets improving functional islet mass as treatments for type 2 diabetes. Dr Ammala holds a PhD in Physiology from University of Gothenburg and an MSc in engineering physics for Chalmers University of Technology.

Carina Ammala

Holger Becker's Biography

Holger Becker,Chief Scientific Officer,Microfluidic ChipShop GmbH

Dr. Holger Becker is co-founder and CSO of microfluidic ChipShop GmbH. He obtained physics degrees from the University of Western Australia/Perth and the University of Heidelberg. He started to work on miniaturized systems for chemical analysis during his PhD-thesis at Heidelberg university, where he obtained his PhD in 1995. Between 1995 and 1997 he was a Research Associate at Imperial College with Prof. Andreas Manz. In 1998 he joined Jenoptik Mikrotechnik GmbH. Since then, he founded and led several companies in the field of microsystem technologies in medicine and the life sciences. He lead the Industry Group of the German Physical Society between 2004 and 2009 and is Conference Chair for the SPIE "Microfluidics, BioMEMS and Medical Microsystems" conference as well as acting as regular reviewer of project proposals on national and EU level and for several journals devoted to microsystem technologies.

Holger Becker

Dries Braeken's Biography

Dries Braeken,R&D Manager, Life Science Technologies,IMEC

Dries Braeken received the MSc degree in Biomedical Sciences from KU Leuven, Belgium, in 2003, and the Ph.D. degree in Medical Sciences from the KU Leuven (in collaboration with imec, Leuven, Belgium) in 2009. Since 2017 he is Group Leader in the Life Science technologies department at imec. He is (co)-author of more than 50 internationally peer-reviewed publications and 7 patents. His research interests are in the development and validation of silicon technologies for cell and tissue interfacing in healthcare applications.

Dries Braeken

Michael Bscheider's Biography

Michael Bscheider,Group Leader,Roche Pharma Research and Early Development

Michael Bscheider is a group leader at Roche pRED's preclinical Investigative Safety department in Basel. In 2010, he graduated from LMU Munich Medical School with his thesis on innate immune recognition of viruses and fungi. After a postdoc at the TU Munich on the interplay of immunology and gut epithelium repair during bone marrow transplantation, he worked at Stanford to investigate the development and function of immune cells and lymphoid structures in a tissue-specific context. He now heads labs that aim to leverage in-vitro systems for early safety assessments in immunomodulating drug development.

Michael Bscheider

Andries D. van der Meer's Biography

Andries D. van der Meer,Tenure Track Assistant Professor, Faculty of Science and Technology,University of Twente

Dr. Andries D. van der Meer is a Tenure Track Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Twente, The Netherlands. He is leader of the research theme 'Organs-on-Chips' in the Applied Stem Cell Technologies group of the Bioengineering Technologies cluster, supervising five Ph.D. candidates and coordinating multiple research projects on the development of blood vessels-on-chips as well as their integration in full organ-on-chip systems like the retina-on-chip, lung-on-chip and heart-on-chip.

From 2013 to 2015, Dr. Van der Meer worked as a Senior Research Fellow at Harvard Medical School and the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering of Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA. He actively developed organ-on-chip models of the blood-brain barrier and the alveolus for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Microphysiological Systems program and coordinated a collaborative project between the Wyss Institute organ-on-chip start-up company Emulate, Inc. and Janssen Pharmaceuticals. Before joining Harvard University, he was a Post-Doctoral Fellow at Prof. Albert van den Berg's BIOS/Lab-on-a-Chip group of the University of Twente, The Netherlands. During that time, he also served as an Assistant Coordinator for the project 'Beyond Borders: Organs-on-Chips' of the Dutch Royal Academy (KNAW). This project led to the founding of the Dutch Human Organ and Disease Model Technologies (hDMT) Organ-on-Chip consortium, for which Dr. Van der Meer is his university's representative.

Dr. Van der Meer obtained his Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Twente, The Netherlands in 2010, and received his M.Sc. degree in Medical Biology from the University of Groningen, The Netherlands in 2005.

Andries D. van der Meer

Guohao Dai's Biography

Guohao Dai, Associate Professor, Department of Bioengineering, Northeastern University

Dr. Dai is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Bioengineering at Northeastern University. Dr. Dai received his B.S. and M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Peking University, Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from MIT's HST Program (Harvard-MIT Division of Health Science and Technology). He completed his Post-doctoral training in Vascular Biology at Harvard Medical School (Center for Excellence in Vascular Biology). Current researches in his lab focus on the 3-D bioprinting technology, stem cells and vascular bioengineering, and are funded by major grants from NSF, NIH and American Heart Association. Dr. Dai received the Scientist Development Award from American Heart Association, Faculty Early Career Award from National Science Foundation, Rising Star Award from Biomedical Engineering Society, Institute's Faculty Career Award (RPI), and College of Engineering Faculty Fellow (Northeastern). He is the elected Fellow of American Heart Association (FAHA).

Guohao Dai Image

Davide Di Giuseppe's Biography

Davide Di Giuseppe,Researcher,University of Rome "Tor Vergata"

Davide Di Giuseppe received the M.Sc. degree cum laude in Electronic Engineering in 2016. Currently is working as a PhD student in Electronic Engineering at the University of Rome Tor Vergata. His research focuses on lab-on-chip devices fabrication, sensor integration and data analysis.

Davide Di Giuseppe

Yan Yan Shery Huang's Biography

Yan Yan Shery Huang,University Lecturer in Bioengineering,University of Cambridge

Shery Huang completed her MEng degree in Materials Science and Engineering from Imperial College London in 2007 (1st Class; top of the class). With a Cambridge Gates Scholarship, she then pursued a PhD in Physics at Cambridge, focusing on nanotechnology. After graduating from her PhD in 2011, she was awarded an Oppenheimer Fellowship and a Homerton College Junior Research Fellowship. Since Aug 2013, she is a University Lecturer in Bioengineering at Cambridge. She was the lead organizer for the Biofabrication Symposium at the MRS 2016 Spring Conference. She was also selected as one of the 26 women to present at 'The Meaning of Success: Insights from Women at Cambridge'.

Yan Yan Shery Huang

Ken-ichiro Kamei's Biography

Ken-ichiro Kamei, Associate Professor, Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Sciences (WPI-iCeMS), Kyoto University

Ken-ichiro Kamei is an Associate Professor and Principal Investigator at WPI-iCeMS, Kyoto University, where he joined as a faculty member in 2010. He obtained his doctorate in Engineering from Tokyo Institute of Technology in 2003. During 2003-2006, he worked as a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Molecular Biology Institute, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). In 2006, he was promoted to Staff Research Associate at the California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI), UCLA (along with Prof. H. R. Tseng). He has developed microfluidic platforms for the phenotypic analysis of human PSCs and in vitro cancer diagnosis. His current research interests focus on the development of "Body on a Chip" platforms to recapitulate in vivo physiological conditions by integrating micro/nano-technology and stem cell biology.

Ken-ichiro  Kamei Image

Marcel Karperien's Biography

Marcel Karperien, Professor, University of Twente

Marcel Karperien studied biology at Utrecht University. After graduation in 1991 he worked as a PhD-student at the Netherlands Institute for Developmental Biology and Stem Cell Research. He continued his career at the Leiden University Medical Center working on regulation of longitudinal bone growth and metabolic bone disorders. In 2007 he moved to the MIRA Institute for Biomedical Technology and Technical Medicine where he established the Department of Developmental BioEngineering. He is interested in developing new solutions for treating cartilage related disorders. His work is technology inspired and is characterized by a multidisciplinary approach. In his work in depth knowledge of the molecular and cellular biology of cartilage is combined with state of the art chemical- and nano-technology. Specific research topics are i) the identification of the molecular mechanisms underlying the pathophysiology of osteoarthritis, ii) the development of (stem) cell based strategies for repairing the damaged articular cartilage surface and iii) the development of new generations of biomaterials that can be used in a non-invasive manner for cell delivery in the diseased joint. Marcel Karperien has received awards from the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research (Young investigator award, travel grant awards), Dutch Society for Endocrinology (NVE), the European Calcified Tissue Society and the MIRA Institute for Biomedical Technology and Technical Medicine for his work. His work is supported by an unrestricted research grant from the Dutch Arthritis Foundation.

Marcel Karperien Image

Jan Lichtenberg's Biography

Jan Lichtenberg,CEO & Co-Founder,InSphero AG

Jan Lichtenberg, Ph.D., is Co-Founder and CEO of Swiss- and US-based InSphero Inc., the largest supplier of 3D cell-culture products and services for pharmaceutical customers worldwide. InSphero patented assay-ready 3D microtissues mimic the structure and functionality of organ tissue, e.g. liver, pancreas, or tumors including disease states like diabetes or NASH. The 3D microtissues allow for more predictive and reliable compound profiling for discovery and safety testing in a highly robust, rapid and cost-efficient way. Jan co-founded InSphero in 2009 and grew the company to 50 employees in Switzerland and the US while expanding the business to encompass all top 15 global pharmaceutical companies. Prior to InSphero, Jan had VP R&D and Product Management positions at Hocoma AG (medical robotics) and Uwatec (microelectronics). He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Neuchatel and managed a research group at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Zurich.

Jan Lichtenberg Image

Gregory Maubon's Biography

Gregory Maubon, Digital Coordinator, HCS Pharma

Gregory Maubon is CDO and digital coordinator at HCS Pharma. He manages IT projects and leads digital campaigns linked to company needs. Gregory is also an Augmented Reality specialist and evangelist. In 2008 he created and later in 2010 founded RA'pro - the augmented reality promotion association. He has helped many companies, in several domains, to define and implement their augmented reality programs. Gregory is also a presenter and lecturer and is involved with the organization of events such as Laval Virtual. He has a PhD in the field of physics and astrophysics.

Gregory Maubon Image

Nathalie Maubon's Biography

Nathalie Maubon,CEO/CSO,HCS Pharma

With 15 years of experience of pharmaceutical research in public research, the pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology companies, Nathalie Maubon is a specialist in the development and automation of robust models for high-throughput screening (HCS, HTS, ADMET). Nathalie is now CEO and CSO of HCS Pharma, a company she created to combine the expertise of scientific researchers about disease mechanisms, with researchers from industry who specialize in automation and high throughput screening.

Nathalie Maubon Image

Hans Nagels's Biography

Hans Nagels,COO and Managing Director,Cellbox Solutions GmbH

Dr. Hans Nagels is currently the COO and Managing Director of Cellbox Solutions GmbH. He holds a PhD in Molecular Biology from the RWTH Aachen. After his PhD he worked as a scientist at the Institute of Molecular Biology at the RWTH Aachen with a focus on genetic transformation of green algae. In 1998 Hans Nagels changed to industry working in Research & Development of Heraeus Instruments GmbH designing incubators and intelligent disposables like miniPERM a disposable bioreactor to produce monoclonal antibodies in high densities. After being Head of In Vitro Systems and Services (IVSS) inside of Heraeus organization, Hans Nagels made an MBO and founded his own company IVSS GmbH in 1998. After selling the company in 2009 he is leading Nabiotec GmbH a consultancy company for the BioMedTec Industry.

Hans Nagels Image

Andrzej Przekwas's Biography

Andrzej Przekwas,Chief Technology Officer,CFD Research Corp

Dr. Andrzej Przekwas, CTO at CFD Research Corp., obtained his PhD from Wroclaw Institute of Technology, Poland, and Post Doc from the Imperial College of Science and Technology, Univ. of London, England. At present he is heading the Computational Medicine and Biology Div. at CFDRC working on the development of computational tools, CoBi, for multiscale modeling of human physiology and pharmacology for civilian and military personalized medicine applications. He has been the PI on several projects with DARPA, DoD, NIH, FDA, CDC and Pharma Industry. Dr. Przekwas is the author of over 270 publications and 3 book chapters. Dr. Przekwas is an Adjunct Professor, Dep of Biomed. Eng. at New Jersey Inst. of Technology.

Andrzej Przekwas Image

Janick Stucki's Biography

Janick Stucki,Chief Technology Officer,AlveoliX AG

Janick D. Stucki is currently the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at AlveoliX, a startup of the University of Bern providing innovative in-vitro solutions by combining a unique microfluidic design with complex organ-on-chip modelling. He studied mechanical engineering at the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology in Zurich (ETHZ) and holds a PhD in Biomedical Engineering form the University of Bern. During his academic research career, Janick worked on the development and validation of lung-on-chip models for biological and biomedical applications. He has more than 5 years of experiences in the development of organs-on-chip systems and their applications.

Janick Stucki Image

Kristie Sullivan's Biography

Kristie Sullivan,Vice President for Research Policy,Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

Kristie Sullivan, M.P.H., is the Vice President of Research Policy with the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, where she directs efforts to implement human-relevant alternatives to the use of animals in medical research, education, and the testing of drugs, chemicals, and other regulated products. Ms. Sullivan has given more than 40 presentations to a variety of audiences and has co-authored publications with industry and government colleagues. She has organized several expert workshops, meetings, and trainings on a variety of topics related the modernization of regulatory toxicology. She is a founding member and Secretary of the American Society for Cellular and Computational Toxicology and has served on a number of government advisory committees. Ms. Sullivan received her Master of Public Health in Toxicology from the University of Michigan. Before joining the Physicians Committee, Ms. Sullivan worked at the University of Michigan Occupational Safety and Environmental Health En¬vironmental Laboratory and the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

Kristie Sullivan Image

Danny van Noort's Biography

Danny van Noort,Associate Professor,Linkoping University

I have a MSc in experimental physics from Leiden University, the Netherlands, and a PhD in applied physics from Linkoping University, Sweden. My main interests lie on the borderline of physics, engineering and biology, especially, the application of micro and nanotechnology to life science problems, notably organ-on-a-chip. I have held positions at top universities around the world, such as Princeton University, Seoul National University, National University of Singapore working on research topics, such as, biosensors, DNA computing in microfluidics, 3D cell culture in microfluidics, human-on-a-chip, organ-on-a-chip, microfabricated structures, automated liquid handling. I have published more than 50 papers in international journals (5 with cover art). Also, I have presented at more than 40 conferences, including keynote speaker, 70 invited lectures at universities and institutes. 2 of my papers were included in a special edition of Lab on a Chip and Integrative Biology collection of articles on organ-on-chip research. 3 papers have been top 10 most downloaded papers, while 1 of them has had that distinction for 9 months in a row, and another has been awarded 3rd highest cited paper from Singapore.

Danny van Noort Image

Ian Whelan's Biography

Ian Whelan,Lead Author (PhD Student),Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute

Ian Whelan Image
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