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Showcasing the IoT Networks Ecosystem
LPWAN Paris 2017
Date: March 21 - 23, 2017
Venue: Marriott Paris Rive Gauche Hotel, Paris, France

Showcasing the IoT Networks Ecosystem

The 2017 Agenda: Regulators, Cloud platforms for IoT, Positioning

The second edition of the LPWAN Conference will stand in Paris next March 21-23, 2017.

After a successful first edition (see below) the Conference will gather again the most renowned experts in the promising emerging LPWAN market. They will provide technology comparisons between the different Solutions and focus on Business Model aspects.

The event will benefit from more enterprise presence. People will hear views from regulators (such a critical factor for the future of LPWANs).

As was the case this year, the programme will include returns on experience from Service Providers.

Finally, new sessions will cover Cloud Platforms for IoT and Positioning/Location Awareness.
  • What are the Cloud Platforms for IoT strategies regarding LPWANs?
  • What about community LPWANs?
  • Is there room for all the LPWANs technologies in the running?
  • How will the incumbent Telecom Industry players react?
Responses will be given during the LPWAN Conference 2017 to be held in Hotel Marriott Paris Rive Gauche next 21-23 March, 2017.


LPWAN 2016 Conference: A Successful First Edition

The LPWAN Conference, which closed its doors last May 20, hold all its promises.

After a very good introduction by Aapo Markkanen, Principal Analyst at Machina Research, who explained how the LPWANs are driving the market, the audience had then the chance to benefit from the feedback, from the field experience of technology agnostics from ATIM and Adeunis. They both compared the current LPWAN alternatives (SigFox, LoRa, Qowisio, Weithless) arguing wether it's better to choose one single technology or integrate several of them.

The Conference went on with some very complete up-to-date presentations on the Mobile Standardization Process (LTE-M, NB IoT).

To be mentioned, the special focus on how LPWAN should articulate with the Internet through thrilling presentations from 6Tisch Project and IETF representatives.

Different sessions addressed network design, radio environment analysis and scalability to installation, operation and performance management based on real experiences feedback of current installations and security aspects.

Finally, a Round Table gathering Smart Object start up showcased the emerging LPWAN ecosystem.


The Scientific Committee

Regis Lauret

Cyrille Le Floch

Philippe Cola
Bouygues Telecom

William Webb
Weightless SIG

Jérôme de Murcia
Lora, Orange labs

Aapo Markkanen
Machina Research

Philippe Guillemette
Sierra Wireless

Nicolas Jordan

Teppo Hemiä

Johan Stokking
THE Things Network