Gene Therapy Summit
Date: April 11 - 13, 2022
Venue: Revere Hotel Boston Common, Boston, Massachusetts, USA or Online

Bringing Together Vector Engineers and Scientists to Accelerate Gene Therapy Development.

The past five years have been a critical turning point for gene therapy. From the first approved oligonucleotide-based therapy to the success of CAR-T cell therapies, followed by the recent in-vivo gene therapies and the emerging gene editing strategies, these gene therapeutics are not only life-changing for patients with rare diseases, but are also laying the foundation for potential treatments of other unmet medical needs.

This new and challenging industry requires many scientists to learn as they go, and adapt their knowledge from protein therapeutics R&D, analytics, molecular & cellular engineering, as well as CMC and process development to this rapidly growing field. Recognizing the immense challenge that the gene therapy field is facing, this event hopes to gather the knowledge and expertise of scientist in vector engineering, analytics, preclinical development, and clinical translation to help accelerate next generation gene therapy development.

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